Wednesday, August 30, 2006

vespa night in the 'peg

The goal of tonight was to go check out the Sean Paul concert. That's right he was playing at the outdoor stage at the Forks. We were both so hyped, then we found out Sean Paul is the dude that sings about the temperature, not the dude that says "lets go, lets get it started.......I'm down for whatever so what's your pleasure" that's Sean Desmond. Both of them are brilliant artists, in their own right, I mean they do so much for the industry and will be remembered years from now. But, we were more excited about Sean Desmond, maybe it's because Sandra loves that song so much! OK I'm done now. So anyway, our first objective was a family portrait in front of my house. Don't mess with the Plett's. Hard as nails.
The grounds in front of the stage were fenced off. We were way more hyped on the dogs.

The "red coats" hard at work, securing the area.
We were about to leave when Melissa realized she had never paid for our supper. She straight up WWJD'd that situation, and went back to pay.
Then it was off to Corydon for free coffee, still got a few connections at Melissa's old place of employment.
Birthday gift shopping for Corey. Rule number one: Helmets stay on in this shop
Had to see if her CD was still there.
No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to look or feel cool on these things.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Back in BC

I started documenting my trip once I was in Van. This is a self portrait crossing onto the ferry.
I got really bored on the two hour cross from the mainland to the island, so I started texting my sister. Absolutely nothing of importance was said.
This was my ride from the ferry. They'd all been camping for three days, so the smell was ripe.
I think the last thing Zack needs is a "full throttle". But I guess when you never sleep, you need to get energy somewhere.
Self portrait with my kid brother.
This is the house where Jamie tied the knot. I also had to stay here, I didn't want to leave.
That's Brian on the left. Forty minutes after I met him, I had him jumping off a bridge with elastic bands tied to his ankles. Jamie on the right took the real plunge the next day.
After the wedding Emilly, Chelsea, Steve, and Kendal took us to the ocean to check out glowing algae. It was awesome. Oh ya, they also took us to "the dog house" for a killer supper. Although no one ordered the "tiger burger", it comes with a grilled weiner and bacon on top.
My chapperone home surveying the majestic rivers of BC
I was pretty hyped on hanging out of the window taking driving pictures.
Here's my dad adjusting the radio. His music's so loud.
Somewhere between Blue Creek and Jasper we stopped at this water fall. I could spend a lot of time there. The two prairie boys were delighted to see the odd salmon try the jump up.

This is my epic shot of dad, his steel horse, and the open sky.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

august long

OK, so August long started out real exciting and didn't really stop. I spent friday afternoon preparing for matt and lauren's wedding. Gathering camera gear, I borrowed a few lenses, and getting a wedding card, that sort of stuff. Oh, I also bought some new shoe's, I couldn't go to their wedding looking like a complete shluff.

Friday evening was the wedding. It was a great time. I was responsible for shooting the ceremony, but in the end they got me to take a few posed images of them as well. Which I'm happy they did, cause I feel I got some really good stuff. Most of the evening was spent just chillin, however their were a few tours of the building that went down. The wedding was in the millenium centre, it's right across main from the empire, and it is a really crazy building. So many rooms of varying color, every floor had a safe, and their was an office labelled "Dectective".

Saturday is the day I still don't really believe happened.

OK, were does it start, Cory and I planned to go camping Sunday to Monday. I was going to go to Steinbach Saturday night, so we could leave from there first thing Sunday morning. Judy and I had purchased a gift for Cory's birthday, however it didn't work properly, so we returned it and got him a gift card from MEC. So I went by Jude's place to pick up a card, and my cooller. Now Judy live's on Furby, which is in the "north end". However, it's right near the college and the area doesn't really seem that bad. Now Judy and I were in her front entrance, when one of the neighborhood kids knocked on the door. She didn't recognize him, so she decided to answer it (she frequently won't answer the door simply because if the children reallize she's home they won't leave her alone. She has a tough time turning them away so it's just easier not to answer). Well he just wanted some cookies or anything free, she was just sending him home when we heard siren's. There was quite a few so we bothed looked in their direction.

Just then a Ford explore came flying over Ellice down Furby. However having hit Ellice to fast the driver quickly lost control. Sliding sideways the SUV hopped the curb, and took out a no stopping sign. With dirt flying and glass shattering the truck plowed into the apartment complex accross the street from where we stood. The hood folded up, air bags deployed, and with the crunch of the impact the horn cut through the calm afternoon air. I stood there unable to beleive I was actually living in this moment.

With no time wasted the driver had his door open, and was running into the alley. One cop car hammered over the fallen sign, giving the "perp" chase. Two other officer's quickly emptied the explorer of it's remaining passengers, all young, scantilly clad girls. The horn still wailing.

I look over to the left to see the "assailant" appear back out from behind a house. He tries to hop a fence, but his baggy clothes make it quite difficult. Then he just stops and raises his hands. I step to the side a little, and see on the other side of the tree is an officer with gun drawn. They quickly handcuff the dude, and search him for drugs and weapons. Then it's back of the car for you.

One of the girls walks to the ambulance, while the others are takin' in for questioning. Firefighters pry open the hood and kill the horn. The police tape off the area, everyone has gotten really close. Then they bring out the dog, and quickly find his drugs he had stashed under some bushes.

So, ya, that was saturday afternoon. We took lots of pictures, and I'm just waiting to get them from Jude, then I'll be sure to have them up hear.

Sunday, Cory and I went camping. We had a really nice time, photographing blue herons and other birds of prey. Oh ya, apparently my phobia of sleeping in tents is over. I fell asleep so fast, and snore so loud, that Cory had to go sleep in the car. I awoke at five and thought, "it's really quiet, I can't even hear Cory". I turned on a light to discover he wasn't there. I just laughed to myself and tride to go to sleep. And I did...............I did.