Sunday, November 12, 2006

Life with a mustache

So I dressed as a cowboy for halloween this year. And I guess since I no longer feel the need to impress girls, the 'stache has stuck around. It is amazing, however, how insecure you become with one of these on your face. Like everytime I do something stupid I know exactly what the person I'm dealing with is thinking. "What are you doing, crazy mustache man?"
Like the other day, I paid for gas while talking on my cell phone the whole time. You know that guy was thinking, "who are you talking to dude, nobody wants to talk to a creep like you." Or yesterday, Melissa and I went to the mall. I saw a girl that looked familiar to me, so I waved. It was not who I thought it was. You know she was creeped out. "Let's get out of here before that mustache man comes and tries to talk to me." She probably said to her friend.
So if you ever want to test how secure you are in yourself just grow a 'stache. For now here's some images from this evening to keep you entertained.

I look creepy and my mom looks drunk. She'd have to be to spend time in the presents of that mustache.
How's that for terrifying. She's the one that raised me, I am the product of my parents. So, it's there fault.
Leave it to me to make a mustache look good.


Blogger Sandra Plett said...

Yay! I'm the first one to read this! I LOVE the moustache blog...and I love that you waved at some strange girl with your creepy 'stache! I know what I would be thinking!! Drunk mother, creepy glad to know I come from good stock.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Anthony Plett said...

The best of stock, sister.

9:08 PM  
Blogger melissaplett said...

giddy... YUP!

6:12 PM  
Blogger melissaplett said...

Sad thing is... I totally don't notice the thing anymore.
Except for, I guess, when we're out for breakfast and your constantly licking at it and sucking something from your back teeth while staring at me. Oh, and then there are the odd times when I'm NOT looking and you quickly, and aggressivly, grab my arm and make me touch it... otherwise, never.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Sandra Plett said...

Let me repeat..."when I'm NOT looking and you quickly, and aggressivly, grab my arm and make me touch it..." I've literally got tears rolling down my cheeks right now!!!!!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous doug barkman said...

you're a sick dude, for growing the mustache and for making your sister touch it, aggressively or otherwise.

12:54 PM  
Blogger melissaplett said...

Sometimes when he calls to see if I want to watch a movie with him, I think it's just because he wants me to sit close to him so he can make me touch it again.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Anthony Plett said...

I know that whenever you "people" see the 'stash all you're thinking is, "I wonder what it feels like". Don't hate me for trying to satisfy your deepest/darkest desires.

8:28 PM  
Blogger melissaplett said...

Oh wow... that's almost beyond creepy!

1:32 PM  
Blogger Cory & Steph said...

As I said to Anthony yesterday when first happening upon his stache and discovering this has been on his face since Oct 31st - his girlfriend clearly lives in another province...far far away.

7:38 PM  
Blogger IndieFaith said...

Moustache? C'mon. You got nothing punk. You know who your daddy is on this one.

And yes, it does test your security. I tried sporting it for a whole volleyball tourney at Prov . . . couldn't look anyone in the eye.

and okay what the heck. who's the little lady in your arms? Good man.

Oh yah. i might be a pastor soon. i'll find out on dec. 10.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

o.k. so I raised 5 kids that's my excuse. What's yours, sometimes I just can't keep my eyes open anymore, and at other times I just rip them open for the picture taking. Way to go Sandra, sometime maybe i'll sit ready at the computer and be first. Just kidding, your always first in my books. Oh! I didn't just say that on Anthony's blog.

8:07 AM  

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