Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movie shoot on knappen

So I came home to find all these people chilling on my front porch. Tristan had been watching the "shoot" since like seven, it ended at one thirty am. So he put in some serious porch time. Suddenly my front yard was filled with lights and reflectors.

They tweaked out the lamp in front of my house, and set up some huge reflectors.

Out of no where my mom appeared. She basically forced me to take a photo of her standing in front of the set.

I got video footage of the actual car crash. It was pretty epic, the woman driving the car full on side swiped a parked car, then tore off down the street while two dudes chased her on foot.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally a warm spring weekend!

Saturday morning Chels, and I decided to have breakfast at the Forks. For the first, and coincidentally the last time we ate at the Pancake house. Chelsea noticed a hair on her eggs. Desiriing not to eat these eggs, she sent them back. Less than two minutes later she had a new plate. Clearing the hashbrowns from her eggs she found the same hair still on her eggs. She, for good reason, could not be convinced to have anything else off their menu. So, she got nothing to eat while I ate for free. We recovered this experience by buying some coffee and sitting outside. Later that evening; after Chelsea spent some time studying, and I had spent some time at Cliff's place celebrating the birth's of many children; we headed down to Melissa's house for the first weiner roast of the season. I got the fire going, one match.

Melissa's new picnic supplies. She was pretty excited!

Barkman made it out for the weiner roast.

Sunday Chels, and I picked up some Palatal and headed to the assininboine park.

Chelsea studied and I took photo's.

I think maybe I got a little irritating.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pine point rapids

So Chelsea and I set out from Winnipeg at around 2 o'clock saturday afternoon. Our destination Pine point rapids, for a fire and supper. Barely in the whiteshell, and we're treated to a very tame fox. He hung out on the shoulder for quite some time, then casually crossed the road in front of my truck. We arrived at the falls close to five. The hike from the parking lot took at least half an hour. Trying to avoid the cross country ski trail, left us with not the best hiking path. But, we made it and now it's time to get things started.
Chelsea made this image of the falls, while I worked on making a fire.

The fires burning, to my embarrassment it took a few tries to start, and then it's time to get cooking supper. Pre-cutting all the ingredients really speeds the whole process up, but with the cool breaze it still takes some time to get the chicken cooked.

Chelsea sitting at the fire, with burrito number one. I had to set up a bit of a wind blocker in order to get the fire started. But once we had it burning, and food in our belly's we really started to warm up.

Chelsea's shot of the fire. Coffee's brewing right in the midst of the flames.

We spent about for hours at the falls, including the hike. The return hike was done after seven, so we had to use my lantern. It was really fun walking back in just our own small world of light, only seeing as much as the light from the lantern allowed. It was a bit colder than I had hoped for but with the fire, the food, and the coffee it became quite comfortable spending four hours in the manitoba backcountry. At least we didn't spend the time locked in a truck, like the poor dog in the parking lot. He was there when we arrived, and after we left.

Monday, February 19, 2007

It was a few weeks ago, but here's some shots from the Cabin

Had to get a "classic" tourist shot in front of "husky the muskie"

Kingshead Pub

Friday, January 05, 2007

First week here!

So finally after to long of a wait, Chelsea and I live in the same city. She has moved to Winnipeg to take nursing at the U of M. The timing of her move was perfect, since I was given a week of holidays exactly when she flew into town. This afforded us, to catch up on time not spent togethor, as well as do lots of "coupley" things.

First thing was to head to the forks and get the most basic, "we're in Winnipeg and we're dating" photo out of the way. Chelsea loves the IMAX and since winnipeg doesn't have season's tickets, I promised her that I would take her when-ever she wanted to go. So we headed down there and caught a 3D version of "The Polar Express". Really cool, but a full length movie in 3D is a long haul. Your eyes can get pretty sore by the end.
Nothing but the finest of dining for my woman.
Chelsea was fortunate enough to be here for a serious winter storm. Winnipeg got 25cm overnight, and some surrounding areas were as high as 35cm. So we had a pretty epic looking landscape here for a few days. I say a few days because three days later it was +5. Ya I actually had to put gloves on at work, because my hands were getting cool (we were chalking lines).
Late night snowfalls lend themselves perfectly to leasurely walks. Chelsea was pretty excited to experience a legit snowfall so soon after her move, and who can blame her. There's something so peacefull and relaxing in a fresh snowfall.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Clear Sign For Change

So I'm driving to my parents place in my car, it's in pretty sweet looking shape. Here's a view from the interior. I've got my Tim Horton's in hand, and am just getting it up to highway speed. When, whomp, my hood is in my face, then beside my driverside door. All in one fell motion. I don't panic I just ease it on to the shoulder.
First attempt I tie it down. This limits me to very slow travel. Anything over 90km/hr, and it's obvious it will end up in my face again.
Second attempt, I tarp strap that hood down. This works great, but it is obvious this car has to go. I have to pick a girl up from the airport in two weeks, and this will not do. So now I start the serious hunt.
That's it, I'm going american. From here on out it's "like a rock".
Heck, I'm even rollin' on rims.
So that is the end of the 4 cylinder import car stage of life for me. I've official moved on to 6 bangin' cylinder's of american made truck. The civic has been good to me, at times better than I deserve, and she will be missed. But, already my masculinity is feeling pretty amplified.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Killer Cross Over Tour

So Melissa got tickets, for this basketball game, from work. It's a street style game that was held at the MTS Centre. We decided there was no better way to spend a wednesday evening than to watch some epic b-ball.

The only problem was our seats were up here and Tim's was down there. But I've got a twenty dollar bill and tunnel vision.
Melissa was stoked to get her cup, but I think this girl was more stoked to give it.
Melissa's pretty stoked on her fun camera settings. I'm pretty stoked on these standard "get a shot of me at the game" shots.
Now that's just rude.
The rest of the evening was spent trying to capture how out of place I was here.
Epic "lonely" shot.
"People are strange when your a stranger"
Melissa proudly displays her ticket with the authentic basketball crowd.
On a completely different note. Last Christmas Cory, Tristan, and I spent a day baiting hawk owls. I fed this guy two mice off my head, and Tristan fed him one. These are really fast birds, and it's quite exhilerating watching them fly at your face with talons out. I finally got this shot from Tristan, so I thought no better time then now to share it with you.