Monday, June 26, 2006

New weekend New adventures

It all starts friday. Funny how weekends always start on a Friday. No day is loved by as many people as a friday, no day is truly enjoyed as a sunday, and no day is as feared and hated as a monday. But lets think of sundays for now. Every moment clung to like springs dew clings to a blade of grass. Suspended for eternity, if only the eternity of the present. Fridays and Saturdays wild live for the moment ways have their place. But without Sundays suspended time we could not truly know who we are. For it is in these moments that we see ourselves free from superficial bonds. Soaring above the clouds, like an eagle in the thermal drafts; or diviing to the depths of the deepest oceans, discovering worlds not seen by the human eye. This is the day, my friend free from agenda, free from day planners and blackberries, free from everything that strives to strip us of our humanity. If you cannot live on this day, then you truly cannot live.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pushing through the hard times

Recently I've had some very stressfull days. Like today I got home from work at around seven in the evening. We were building a garage out at a cabin, in Betula lake. I had to go there straight from Neudemick campground, my family had been camping there for the weekend. The weather was amazing, and all the Plett men watched Edmonton win Saturday night. Anyway, since we were working out near Beusejoir on friday I didn't get to go home from work. It was pointless going back to winnipeg, then coming back through Beusejoir. So, I had to pack my car in the morning, work all day, then go to Garson and jump into the water at the rock quarry. They have a little ten foot cliff there, and despite waiting for a dead fish to float by, the water is really refreshing on such a hot day. Now where was I ....... oh ya, so I only got home at like seven today. We finished building the garage at around two, I guess it took so long because on monday before work we went for a boat ride, then at nineish we stopped for bacon and eggs (we actually had to work while smelling them being made), then today we only got up at seven thirty, and had breakfast before starting work so we only started at nine. Anyway, after work (at like three in the afternoon, we stood around talking for a while and I really wanted to try their outdoor shower they have on their deck) a few of us went out wakeboarding. So after that and supper, I finally made it home only to have a message from Cory inviting me to join them at his cabin this weekend. So, Friday evening I have to leave the city and start it all over again