Friday, January 05, 2007

First week here!

So finally after to long of a wait, Chelsea and I live in the same city. She has moved to Winnipeg to take nursing at the U of M. The timing of her move was perfect, since I was given a week of holidays exactly when she flew into town. This afforded us, to catch up on time not spent togethor, as well as do lots of "coupley" things.

First thing was to head to the forks and get the most basic, "we're in Winnipeg and we're dating" photo out of the way. Chelsea loves the IMAX and since winnipeg doesn't have season's tickets, I promised her that I would take her when-ever she wanted to go. So we headed down there and caught a 3D version of "The Polar Express". Really cool, but a full length movie in 3D is a long haul. Your eyes can get pretty sore by the end.
Nothing but the finest of dining for my woman.
Chelsea was fortunate enough to be here for a serious winter storm. Winnipeg got 25cm overnight, and some surrounding areas were as high as 35cm. So we had a pretty epic looking landscape here for a few days. I say a few days because three days later it was +5. Ya I actually had to put gloves on at work, because my hands were getting cool (we were chalking lines).
Late night snowfalls lend themselves perfectly to leasurely walks. Chelsea was pretty excited to experience a legit snowfall so soon after her move, and who can blame her. There's something so peacefull and relaxing in a fresh snowfall.