Monday, March 05, 2007

Pine point rapids

So Chelsea and I set out from Winnipeg at around 2 o'clock saturday afternoon. Our destination Pine point rapids, for a fire and supper. Barely in the whiteshell, and we're treated to a very tame fox. He hung out on the shoulder for quite some time, then casually crossed the road in front of my truck. We arrived at the falls close to five. The hike from the parking lot took at least half an hour. Trying to avoid the cross country ski trail, left us with not the best hiking path. But, we made it and now it's time to get things started.
Chelsea made this image of the falls, while I worked on making a fire.

The fires burning, to my embarrassment it took a few tries to start, and then it's time to get cooking supper. Pre-cutting all the ingredients really speeds the whole process up, but with the cool breaze it still takes some time to get the chicken cooked.

Chelsea sitting at the fire, with burrito number one. I had to set up a bit of a wind blocker in order to get the fire started. But once we had it burning, and food in our belly's we really started to warm up.

Chelsea's shot of the fire. Coffee's brewing right in the midst of the flames.

We spent about for hours at the falls, including the hike. The return hike was done after seven, so we had to use my lantern. It was really fun walking back in just our own small world of light, only seeing as much as the light from the lantern allowed. It was a bit colder than I had hoped for but with the fire, the food, and the coffee it became quite comfortable spending four hours in the manitoba backcountry. At least we didn't spend the time locked in a truck, like the poor dog in the parking lot. He was there when we arrived, and after we left.