Tuesday, September 19, 2006

sept. long

So this was the final go at the cabin for the summer. There was a lot of "classic" cabin experiences we had to accomplish in a short time. I know it was a long weekend, but we only headed out on saturday afternoon. So the first objective was a boat ride into Kenora, and some patio sitting at Hap's. Here's Genico and I toasting a summer well played.
Next there was some "tasks" that needed to be done around the cabin. Andrea took care of reading on the dock under the late summer sun.
G did some dock repairs, and tride to look his best like a pirate.
Cory and I took care of the chainsaw work.
Cory wore his good shoes...........new shirt...........and new shorts. Steph was not impressed.
Back to relaxing, Genico had a makeshift driving range set up on the floating dock. It took a few dives, but eventually I was able to recover his nine iron. He dropped it in the day before.

Well Cory I guess that is it for summer experiences, so until next summer..... Thanks for the stories.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

High speed pursuit

Horn blaring, the cops pull four girls out and instantly start questioning
Looking on, members of the community watch as first response disable the truck's horn.
Final resting place. Notice deployed airbags. I actually saw them deploy.
Five-0 brings out the dog and finds the stash.

So there it is, photo proof of the event I saw unfold. Believe it!