Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Clear Sign For Change

So I'm driving to my parents place in my car, it's in pretty sweet looking shape. Here's a view from the interior. I've got my Tim Horton's in hand, and am just getting it up to highway speed. When, whomp, my hood is in my face, then beside my driverside door. All in one fell motion. I don't panic I just ease it on to the shoulder.
First attempt I tie it down. This limits me to very slow travel. Anything over 90km/hr, and it's obvious it will end up in my face again.
Second attempt, I tarp strap that hood down. This works great, but it is obvious this car has to go. I have to pick a girl up from the airport in two weeks, and this will not do. So now I start the serious hunt.
That's it, I'm going american. From here on out it's "like a rock".
Heck, I'm even rollin' on rims.
So that is the end of the 4 cylinder import car stage of life for me. I've official moved on to 6 bangin' cylinder's of american made truck. The civic has been good to me, at times better than I deserve, and she will be missed. But, already my masculinity is feeling pretty amplified.