Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movie shoot on knappen

So I came home to find all these people chilling on my front porch. Tristan had been watching the "shoot" since like seven, it ended at one thirty am. So he put in some serious porch time. Suddenly my front yard was filled with lights and reflectors.

They tweaked out the lamp in front of my house, and set up some huge reflectors.

Out of no where my mom appeared. She basically forced me to take a photo of her standing in front of the set.

I got video footage of the actual car crash. It was pretty epic, the woman driving the car full on side swiped a parked car, then tore off down the street while two dudes chased her on foot.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally a warm spring weekend!

Saturday morning Chels, and I decided to have breakfast at the Forks. For the first, and coincidentally the last time we ate at the Pancake house. Chelsea noticed a hair on her eggs. Desiriing not to eat these eggs, she sent them back. Less than two minutes later she had a new plate. Clearing the hashbrowns from her eggs she found the same hair still on her eggs. She, for good reason, could not be convinced to have anything else off their menu. So, she got nothing to eat while I ate for free. We recovered this experience by buying some coffee and sitting outside. Later that evening; after Chelsea spent some time studying, and I had spent some time at Cliff's place celebrating the birth's of many children; we headed down to Melissa's house for the first weiner roast of the season. I got the fire going, one match.

Melissa's new picnic supplies. She was pretty excited!

Barkman made it out for the weiner roast.

Sunday Chels, and I picked up some Palatal and headed to the assininboine park.

Chelsea studied and I took photo's.

I think maybe I got a little irritating.