Monday, October 23, 2006

Why fly out to BC for one weekend?

On the way out, I stop for coffee with my bro.
Nathans apartment. He brought out the "special" sleeping mattress for the futon, the one that allows you to feel every individual bar. He's curled up in bed all day, he was sick or something.
Saturday afternoon Chelsea and I check out the bodyworks exihibit. I would say it's pretty awe inspiring, the human body is an amazing creation.
Date night in White rock. I look a little to serious, but Chelsea looks beautiful.
I think it's safe to say "I miss my friend".
Chelsea at Stanley park

Where do I start? I guess I have to go back to August 19, Jamie and Kim's wedding. You know that moment in "Big Fish" when time just stops. Our hero walks through a crowded carnival that has become suspended in time. It was kind of like that when she walked up onto the porch. Her name is Chelsea, and I forgot everything around me in that moment. I became lost in her laugh, her smile consumed me. But my fate is to be stuck in the "what if", or "if only".
Not this time, this time it changes to "why not". So that being said, "why not fly to BC for the weekend". How did the weekend go you ask, well that is a good story.
Friday flying into Vancouver the panic starts, doubt creeps in, fear of rejection consume me. The plane touches down, moment of truth. A deep embrace meets me, yet I still fear to take her hand. We walk the streets for a while, then meet up with Nathan. Intending to go for sushi we settle on a classic diner when the sushi joint is closed. The tension in my stomach is at an all time high as we walk back. Occasional breaks, and using there laughs to fog my release works for a time. Then to my horror, no laugh, and my flatulation is heard by all. Great first impression.
Saturday is "date" night, this time I'll do better. The destination, White Rock and "Charlie don't surf" for dinner. Things seem to be going better, the episode from the night before forgotten. When her phone rings, to my horror she picks up. Chelsea's sister tells chelsea of her plans that evening. "I'm so jelous" is Chelsea's reply. Date night is off to a rough start.
Sunday morning Chelsea's father insists we attend church with him. I agree, this will work great to my favor I think. Sitting down to start the service the head pastor announces that he will not be speaking this morning. Why not? Well apparently the congregation has heard him speak on this topic before, so today we'll have a new speaker to talk about sex.
Maybe I can recover this weekend at lunch, we'll go for sushi, we'll start over from scratch. The meal goes great, sushi is delicious and Chelsea is beautiful. Walking back to her car, she asks if it would be okay to go up to Nathans appartment to use the washroom. We can go somewhere else if it's awkward (I've already said good-bye). No I don't mind saying good-bye to Nathan again, I say. Sitting in Nathans living room chatting with him, we both hear an awkward cough from the bathroom. "Is she?" "No that's just a cough" I say. Then again a little later, unnatural noises from the bathroom. Apparently the sushi didn't work, her body rejects it and my time in vancouver is done.
But I have to say the worst part of the whole weekend was saying good-bye. Knowing that I won't see Chelsea's face for two months, that I can't hold her in my arms, kiss her goodnight, or feel her hand in mine. My only comfort is the knowledge that hindsight makes long periods of time seem minor. So until then, I look forward to Christmas.