Thursday, July 27, 2006

cory's 30th at the lake

Where do I start with last weekend? I've needed most of the week just to process the events of said weekend.

I guess it all starts with my car. I haven't cleaned, like vacuum and dust, my car since before snow fell. Wait, maybe a little more background. There were many people invited to the loewen cabin for Cory's birthday celebration. In that list were Andrea and Geneco, Judy, and myself. Geneco couldn't make it out until saturday afternoon, and Andrea wanted to get to the lake on friday. So, I was responsible for the safe travel of two women. Which brings us back to my car, not comfortable traveling for two proper ladies. So, friday after work I got to it. One inch of compacted mud (with green pennies halfway down), hand fulls of gravel, one pail of very black water, old winter gloves and touqes, and a wardrobe full of clothes. What we are left with, decent transport, and the opening of a weekend filled with change.

Cut to the chase, the big bang, rite out of left field, any term you need to express shock. Judy, Andrea, and I arrive just shortly after nine in the evening. We are spending our time hanging out like normal, except something has changed, Cory is willingly playing a board game, even enjoying it. I am foolish and overlook this sudden change in character. Maybe an hour later they end their board game, "the game of life". Steph and Cliff are leaning on the kitchen bar talking, when Steph casually say's to me.

"Hey, Anth I think there is a nacho platter or some brownies in the oven. Do you want to take them out?"

" You just made some nacho's and left them in there?" is my confused response.

"Uh-huh, Ya" Steph answers matter of factly.

Thinking to myself, maybe they just wanted the brownies to cool off, I move toward the oven. Pulling down on the handle and peering in I feel all my confusion and blindness melt away. In this single moment of clarity I'm faced with all the facts I need. The truth stares up at me like the earth stares at a skydiver who's parachute doesn't open. Feeling suspended in the air thousands of feet above ground, he knows the truth is rushing at him at breakneck speeds. Whether he wants to or not he is forced to accept the change, from this point on nothing remains as it was it's beyond our control. Nature takes control, the created earth remains consistent in its cycle, gravity takes hold and we are helpless. Accept I'm not faced with the overwhelming force of gravity, I'm faced with a single bun, set gently and carefully in the centre of the oven. Nature takes hold in the form of life, and within the year life comes hurtling towards us. The change has begun, life is never as it was. I am left with only one choice, turning to Steph I say

"No!? You too?"

She just nods

"Wow, that's awesome!" I say awkwardly "Congradulations"